The Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics ZEA-2 is engaged in the two most prominent approaches for beyond von Neumann computing, i.e. Quantum Computing and Neuromorphic Computing. The recent and envisioned developments in both fields will be presented briefly.

First, we will give an overview of our activities on systems engineering for truly scalable quantum computing by using cryogenic electronics. The top-down system considerations including co-simulations of electronics and qubits allow for optimized partitioning of the electronics. In a bottom-up implementation we design, implement and test building blocks for qubit control and readout in state-of-the-art CMOS processes at 65nm and 22nm. These span components like bias DACs, voltage references and regulators and microwave mixers.

The ZEA-2 activities in the field of Neuromorphic Computing are focusing on development for accelerated simulation of large scale densely connected biological neuronal networks and on utilizing new nanoscale devices, i.e. Memristors, for bio-inspired computing approaches. The second part of the presentation will give an overview over the envisioned developments of CMOS – Memristor co-integration within the recently funded project NEUROTEC II.