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Prepare the Quantum Computing Revolution

The development of real-world quantum computers is now progressing rapidly, with several international companies racing towards building prototypes with an increasing number of qubits. This intense international competition is contributing to rapid advances in both technological and fundamental research. Overall, this field is experiencing a boost on a global scale with parallel developments of new hardware and new programming methods. Quantum devices have entered the NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) era, i.e., non-trivial calculations are possible but noise and stability limit the size of quantum circuits that can be executed reliably. Despite these difficulties, scientists in different fields start to seriously consider quantum computers as a disruptive technology that opens new horizons.

One of the facets of the QC2I project is to prepare the quantum computing revolutions by:

  • identifying current and future quantum ressources that could be used for our projects,
  • facilitating the transition of technicians/engineers/physicists to this new technology through the organization of meetings/schools/workshops,
  • identifying pilote applications where the quantum supremacy can be decisive to solve problems relevant for the IN2P3 fields,
  • developing quantum algorithms specifically dedicated to our science domain,
  • contributing to the Quantum Revolution.