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Tools for Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is rapidly evolving nowadays. We give below a non-exhaustive selection of tools that could be useful to anyone willing to start with quantum computation.

Drawing Quantum Circuits

  • basic quantum gates (from wiki).

  • quantikz from CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), a simple LaTeX package to draw quantum circuits.

  • qcircuit from CTAN, another LaTeX package to draw quantum circuits (github).

  • QASM, the original circuit drawers used in the book of Nielsen and Chuang [with many examples].

Quantum Simulators and Frameworks

  • Qiskit toolkit (download, documentation, textbook). The Qiskit toolkit is a python package that can emulate a quantum computer or send in the IBM Cloud platform.

  • Quantum++ (github), a modern C++11 general purpose quantum computing library, composed solely of template header files. Quantum++ is written in standard C++11 and has very low external dependencies, using only the Eigen 3 linear algebra header-only template library and, if available, the OpenMP multi-processing library.

  • Google Cirq (website, github), the quantum language developed by Google.

  • Microsoft Quantum Dev. Kit (github, documentation and samples).

  • myQLM toolkit (download), a python package to perform quantum computing provided by Atos. Recently available on Mac using “pip install myqlm”.

  • softwareQ Designing Quantum Software (website), provides staq, a full stack software platform.

A more exhaustive list of quantum simulator can be found here.

An interesting website for a list of many quantum algorithms is the Quantum Algorithm Zoo.

Quantum Machine Learning Tools